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Exotic Coffee Club

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Every month we’ll deliver an Exotic Selection of the finest Fair Trade 100% Organic AA Arabica Coffee Beans Available from Private Estates Coffee Farms all Around the World. It takes decades of experience as a specialty coffee roaster to achieve what we believe to be one of the best tasting cups of coffee in the world. Freshly Roasted with our Proprietary Infrared Process brings out the fullest flavor potential of each bean in our small batch methods delivered to your doorstep transporting your taste buds from the lush and exotic landscapes to the convenience of your coffee maker.
Each shipment includes two new and different varieties – each from a different geographic region – and each weighing a generous 12 ounces (that’s more than 60 cups of coffee every month!

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Why Our Coffee, and Why Join the Exotic Coffee Club?

 Here at Healthy Coffee Lifestyles we bring you some of the finest 100% Organic AA Arabica Single Origin Coffee, from Private Estates farms from around the world. Every growing season and every harvest will always be different, Temperature, Soil, precipitation and the amount of wind and sun.  So, every season as they harvest the Ripe Cherries by hand, we import them from small private estate farms around the globe helping to ensure ethically sustainable farming practices and to bring you one of the best tasting and exotic coffee experiences you will find that will be delivered to your door step every month based on your schedule.

Travel the Worlds Private Estate Coffee
Regions One Cup at a Time.




Ethiopia – Sidamo Private Estates

Ethiopia is one of the oldest coffees growing regions in the world, rumored to date back to the 9th Century. In fact, many people consider it to be the birth place of coffee as the world knows and loves it today. The Ethiopians love their coffee so much that even though they are the 7th largest producers of coffee in the world they consume more than half of it domestically! Ethiopian coffees are world renowned for their unique fruity and floral flavors. Our Infrared process bring out that flavor profile to make it one of the most sought-after coffees we carry.



Central America

Costa Rican – Tarrazu Privates Estates

Our Costa Rican coffee comes from the region called Tarrazu and is one of our favorite coffees. Tarrazu is a coffee farming community that lies deep in the heart of the Costa Rican hillside. Tarrazu is one of the world’s premier coffee growing regions due to its rich volcanic soil, temperate climate and ideal drainage for coffee farming provided by the mountain-side. Giving you one of the richest and robust Coffee that we carry. This Costa Rican coffee is also one of the best for making a traditional espresso.




Southeast Asia

Indonesa – Sumatra Privates Estates

Our Indonesia Coffee is some of the best coffee in the world. It is often forgotten because of its remote location, but it is actually the fourth largest coffee producer in the world. Known for its earthy and tobacco notes and its velvety smooth body make making your morning coffee a delouse and exotic coffee experience. This country Coffee production began during Indonesia’s colonial days and has remained one of the largest economic drivers for the multi-island nation. You will find that Our Indonesia Private Estates is one of the world’s greatest coffee treasures.



South America

Colombian & Brazil – Privates Estates

Our Columbian and Brazilian Coffee are our biggest importers with all the flavors you would expect from the largest coffee producer in the world. Columbian coffees are generally grown at very high elevations in the Andes, and some of the better Colombian coffees come from Bucaramanga, Medellin and Huila. While produces more that any other country with nearly 2.5 million acres planted, Minas Gerais accounts for about half of Brazil’s coffee harvest. This brings great variety to deliver to you once again a delouse and Exotic Coffee Experience



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