Infrared Roasted

The worlds healthiest and smoothest coffee on the planet putting Healthy Coffee Lifestyles in a class of its own.

Discover Our Story

This family operated business has come from humble beginnings. Nestled in the heart of the Livermore Valley, Healthy Coffee Lifestyles opened its’ doors in 1989 with the most innovative and highest quality coffee roasting in our industry today.

We were home to the first commercial Diedrich Infrared Roasters and are the largest Infrared roasting facility in the US today.

Healthy Coffee Lifestyles’ three decades of experience in the coffee industry and 20 years of experience as a specialty coffee roaster has helped us achieve what we believe to be one of the best tasting cups of coffee in the world.

Healthy Coffee Lifestyles sets itself apart from the rest of the coffee producers in our industry because it is estimated that less than 2% of the worlds coffee beans are specially roasted using Infrared technology. Once you have tasted our Healthy Coffee Lifestyles Privates Estates Coffee, you will never want to drink any other coffee again.

Finest Quality From Farm, to Roast, to You

The Art of Infrared Roasting

At Healthy Coffee Lifestyles, we believe that to make the perfect cup of coffee there must be a balance and synergy between the science and art of roasting coffee. We choose to roast our coffee using infrared roasters because they not only allow us to maintain the quality, integrity and consistency of flavor throughout each batch we roast, but also allows us to closely monitor and actively interact with the process and embed our artisan sensibilities.

The perfect Blend

Brewing Hope Around the World

Healthy Coffee Lifestyles is focused on supporting fair trade organic coffee growing cooperatives and providing our customers with the highest quality fair trade certified coffees available.

Our long-standing promotion of fair trade coffee has been unwavering since our inception in 1989. Fair trade certified coffee directly supports a better life for farming families in the developing world through fair prices, and community development.

This gives farmers from around the world a chance to market their own harvests through direct, long-term contracts with international buyers, learning how to manage their businesses and compete in the global marketplace. Receiving a fair price for their harvest allows these farmers to invest in their families’ health care and education.

Healthy Coffee Lifestyles is fully committed to being socially responsible and bringing hope to our local community as well as communities around the world.